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To help offer you more information we have entered below the answers to the questions we are asked most commonly by new customers:

Meet and Greet Parking is a company which provides a smooth and very affordable parking assistance to our clients at the Airport. Once your booking is complete, on the day of your departure you just need to hand over your keys of your vehicle to our representative and proceed to check-in for journey. Upon your return, we will have your car waiting for your outside the respective terminal for you to pick up.

Once you have booked your parking with your chosen operator, your operate will send you instructions on where to meet them at the airport.
What happens when my flight is re-directed or delayed?

We suggest that you get in contact with your parking operator ASAP to discuss re-arranging your parking at a convenient time. A change to the schedule at peak times may incur costs if you have not pre-warned your parking operator, so please inform them as soon as possible.[

Can special requests be made?

Most operators on our program have the ability to take on special requirements, such as disabled access. In some instance this may have to be approved by Airport officials. Therefore we ask that you inform your operator prior to booking of any special requirements you may have.

Do you park the cars?

To put simply, No. We are only program affiliates to larger and official parking operators. Our system works by only comparing the best quotes from established and trusted officials that have been approved by the Airport parking schemes.